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Who they are, what they do, what they trust?

The Gomesninow Duo is formed by Gabriel Gomes e Carina Ninow, artists of multiple skills and from differnt artistic strands that embody the pop-street couple of modern romanticism: Mr Gomes and Miss Ninow. The duo have been working under the name since 2012, when they returned from a season working at an amusement park in Sweden and decided to intensify their studies in street art.
Gomesninow Duo integrates the BRAVOS collective. Among the main achievements of Bravos and Gomesninow, there are the Street Art World Week in Rio de Janeiro, in 2015, production of "Palco Maravilha" project in Cinelandia RJ in 2016 and co-production of the 17th Brazilian Circus and Juggling Convention in the year of 2016.

Gabriel Gomes

Circus artist since 1999, is a BMX flatland rider. Speccialyzed in skills that unes strenght and balance, like the Cyr wheel and manipulations of forms. Integrated the casting of several circus companies, scaped from the circus to live by the street shows with Miss Ninow. Is also a member group of Coletivo Bravos a collective that acts mobilizing artistic events at the streets of Rio de Janeiro.

Carina Ninow

The “pretty lady” of this pair, already directed plays, research the physical theater, produced meettings, conventions and festivals, played trumpet, has habilities in aerial skills, juggler and Cyr wheel. But she really have fun playing at the scene like a clown.

Is also a group member of Coletivo Bravos, in wich one is producer and circus artist. Produced the Project “Palco Maravilha”, the Street art world week on Rio de Janeiro and the 17 Brasilian Circus and Juggling Convention, in Barbacena, MG, besides to take part of the Rio é Rua moviment. 

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